Genre Bending

At Monday’s Royal Society of Literature meeting, Neil Gaiman made a remark which was grist to the Tomorrow’s Books mill. Working as a journalist in his twenties, he said, he often used to interview authors; over a drink in the pub afterwards, they would tell him about a book of theirs that hadn’t found a publisher because it was different from the work they were famous for. He said to himself, ‘That’s not going to happen to me!’ and adopted the motto, ‘Never pop out of the same hole twice.’ We salute him and all writers who enjoy the challenge of experimenting with different genres – and we look forward to bringing you some of their rebellious work

We Apologise For The Break In Transmission

This weblog has been too long in abeyance, for which I apologise: the sad fact is that writing novels and earning a living as a journalist does not leave much time for anything else. But the moment has come to re-engage with it – and where better to begin than by announcing some good news? Two of the books featured on this site have recently found publishers: Student Suppers – retitled Goodbye Cockroach Pie – is now available from Inky Paws Press, while Michael Meylac’s collection of interviews with ballet dancers is to be issued by I.B. Tauris next year. We wish them both well.